Annual Progress Report Form

This evaluation provides a mechanism for the student to review their overall progress towards their degree and to identify areas of strength and weakness in their development as an independent scientist. The student’s PI is a source of guidance for the student’s academic development including providing this feedback.

File: 4-Annual-Progress-Report-Form.pdf

General Expectations Compact

The progress, development, and success of a graduate student centers on the commitment of both the Student and the Principal Investigator (PI) to contribute to their mutual relationship.

Basic principles of best practices in mentoring and graduate student life appear in this document. Graduate students should be aware of what is necessary for their success and their PI should be aware of practices that promote their Students’ best interests. This relationship should be a collaborative one in which there is open communication, teamwork, and respect.

File: 2-General-Expectations-Compact.pdf

MS Degree Requirements in ADS

To complete the M.S. degree in Animal Sciences or Dairy Science in the Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison requires successful completion of the included forms. Each form must be completed in a timely fashion as noted, or the student will not be allowed to register until the forms are completed and turned in to the Graduate Program Manager.

Please note that minimum requirements are provided, however successful completion of the M.S. in research degree requires making a research contribution to the scientific literature.

File: 4-MS-Degree-Requirements-in-ADS-Revised-12.9.21.pdf